Ok, before I start this blog I want to start off by saying that my opinions should inspire you. I love Instagram. I use it in so many ways to reach out and promote my work. That being said, there is a lot of altered images out there. As my years in this industry progress I have seen a shift in the way young women see themselves. Of course though out history beauty has been altered by Photoshopping or retouching and it has made some of us feel like this is beauty unattainable. I might also mention the amount of makeup that the newer generation of youtubers and Instagram “makeup artists” wear is in “drag queen” fashion. I use the term “makeup artist” extremely lightly. There are a lot of “self taught” artists who get there training off of things such as You Tube and then post pictures that have been photoshopped to death. This being said when you use tools such as Pinterest or You Tube for your wedding day makeup inspiration keep these things in mind. Most woman do not need to “beat” their face to bring out their natural beauty. Keep in mind that these images are unrealistic and very heavy makeup. I encourage woman to look at images of A list celebrities as their inspiration. I personally know when working with most celebrities their artists care more about the skin then trying to cover it up. Your wedding day makeup should enhance your true beauty not try to alter it. Keep a good skin care regimen and you will have less to worry about on your big day. Some people deal with rosacea, acne, and scars. If you find an artist with good color correction skills, flawless skin can be achieved. It doesn’t take a pound of makeup to make you look beautiful. Please ladies stop looking at “drag makeup” and think that is for you. Drag makeup is for the beautiful drag queens. Stay gorgeous gals!
-Ali Lee

*My Two Cents: All blogs are from my own personal opinions and experiences. However, I am a professional artist trained in color theory, and sanitation practices. I paid dues training and assisting under the direction of 706 artists. I am also a represented artist by BMG management.