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  • Ali Lee Artistry Bridal Hair and Makeup
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  • Ali Lee Artistry Bridal Hair and Makeup
  • Ali Lee Artistry Bridal Hair and Makeup
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Do we really need a primer?

imageIn my opinion primers are great however I also feel that they are kinda unnecessary and here is why. Skin is so important that it first needs to be treated with proper skin prep. A lot of good artist start with the skin first. When I work with a model or Bride I always start with a fresh wash of the face and then I use a few products to prepare the skin to hold the makeup. Eye primers are super important for bridal because they truly hold shadows for an all day wear. The eye should also be prepped first with an eye team then a primer can be applied. With all the different face primers how do we know which one to choose? Again in my opinion it’s a great new marketing ploy to make a lot of money for an unnecessary product. If you treat the skin the way it should be prepped than a primer seems to be an unnecessary step. If you have large pores it is nice to use a mattifyer to smooth the skin. Remember ladies texture on the skin is almost impossible to change. Only years of laser treatments are recommended to even out skin texture.

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Not Just a Wedding Artist


I love weddings! They are such a wonderful experience. You get to be with a person on their most special moments in life. When I’m not doing weddings I’m pursuing my ultimate passion, and that is editorial and fashion work. Sure I have also worked in television and film but my heart is truly in fashion. It really gives me a opportunity to get creative. With weddings I listen to what my bride wants and I execute her vision the way she wants. With fashion it is an outlet for me to express my vision. Please follow me on my editorial Instagram page where you can see all the beautiful work I have created with my crazy talented friends. I can be found on Instagram @alileemua. My work has even been featured on Vogue Italia among many awesome publications worldwide.
*Photo taken by Carlos Velez, Melanie Friedel for Wilhelmina LA and Miami. Makeup and hair executed by me Ali Lee

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Product Rave

A lot of times when I work with my clients I get asked a lot of questions about my favorite products. So I thought I would give you a product that I love to rave about from time to time. For those of you who have worked with me know how much I love skin care. Just recently I started integrating more skin care prep when I’m shooting beauty editorials. I have always been a huge fan of the Caudalie Line. You can find this brand in Sephora. One of my absolute favorite products from them is there grape water. It brings the moisture levels up in the skin over 127%. This is a great product I like to use even when I am working with brides. You can mist it over the skin before yours about to apply make up and can also be used over makeup. image

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