In my opinion primers are great however I also feel that they are kinda unnecessary and here is why. Skin is so important that it first needs to be treated with proper skin prep. A lot of good artist start with the skin first. When I work with a model or Bride I always start with a fresh wash of the face and then I use a few products to prepare the skin to hold the makeup. Eye primers are super important for bridal because they truly hold shadows for an all day wear. The eye should also be prepped first with an eye team then a primer can be applied. With all the different face primers how do we know which one to choose? Again in my opinion it’s a great new marketing ploy to make a lot of money for an unnecessary product. If you treat the skin the way it should be prepped than a primer seems to be an unnecessary step. If you have large pores it is nice to use a mattifyer to smooth the skin. Remember ladies texture on the skin is almost impossible to change. Only years of laser treatments are recommended to even out skin texture.