Let me first start off by saying I feel so blessed to be able to freelance for not only myself but so many different bridal teams. It really gives me the best opportunity to get out there and do a lot of hair! I love creating beautiful timeless hair masterpieces. With that being said, there is so much needed in order to create beautiful “Pinterest” worthy hair. First off ladies when you show your artist your ideal hair, keep in mind several factors. Number one, length of hair. I cannot stress enough how important layers are for your hair. So many times brides come to me with these gorgeous voluminous pictures but yet they have long hair down past the middle of their back. Long hair equals heavy hair. Heavy hair means no volume. So first of all I would suggest a hair cut. I know, I know you have had that long hair since your teenage years and you can’t bare the thought of parting with it. It’s ok, it will grow back. So if your hair is past the middle of your back take a good 4 inches off. Second and MOST importantly let’s cut layers!! Not only do I work on hundreds of brides I also work on hundreds of models and with every single one of them I tell them the importance of cutting some of the length off and putting layers in their hair. Layers not only frame the face it creates dimension in the hair. This gives the stylist the ability to create these gorgeous Pinterest pictures and editorial looks that are so desperately desired. For the ladies that have dark hair it might be of interest to add a little bit of warmth to your hair. Let’s say your hair is dark brown to jet black it would be a good idea to add some caramel tones into the hair. This way when your hair is photographed you’d be able to see a bit of the style a little bit better. For blondes most of you already had the ideal hair color for Pinterest pictures. Let’s face it most of the picture seen on Pinterest are various shades of blonde. My suggestion for blondes is to add some low lights into your hair. This again will give you a lot of depth and dimension for your stylist to create a style that will photograph so beautifully. Lastly take into consideration the amount of fullness you have to your hair. If you have a very thin hair, then clip in extensions are a great way to add volume and length your hair. Although this may cost you a little bit more than you expected it’s well worth it in the end for the most important day of your life. taking my advice and finding the right stylus your sure to have a perfect Pinterest wedding hair. Happy wedding season ladies!

*Hair and Makeup done by me for the Flawless Faces by Alicia Team